Monday, September 2, 2019

Daily Routines

Last summer at TMC, I started brainstorming ways to incorporate all the cool ideas I was collecting: WODB, stand & talks, debate math... I wanted to make it a daily routine, having one of them per day to keep me accountable and my students to form a habit.  But I never finalized things and it was forgotten...

Until I saw this post from @mrsvibbermath :
Over 32 people started chiming in and offering ideas.  And it reignited by desire to have a "daily routine".  I typed up everyone's suggestions.  I thought of the activities I wanted to incorporate and the skills I wanted to help my students learn.  I highlighted by final selection:
I went into this cautiously, just in case something wasn't working out as well as I planned.  I just finished the first two full weeks of school and can honestly say that I plan on keeping this up!  For me, it was two things that help make it stick:

  1. I made a poster with each of the daily routines listed (below).  I hang this on the front board.  And you know what?  Students actually pay attention!  I've already heard them say "oh yeah, today is Stand & Talk Tuesday!"  
  2. I put the daily routine at the top of my slides for class.  I have a template for each day of the week that I make a copy of and it is always on the top.  Keeps me accountable.

Poster on board:
Example of slide when students walk in:

My current plan:
MATHEMATICIAN MONDAY:  Using anonymize in Desmos truly inspired this.  Last year, my students would often start researching their mathematician and find such unique things about them.  One of my students found out she shared a birthday with her mathematician!  So cool.  

The first time I implement this, I will choose one mathematician for everyone to research together.  The following week, I will give each group their own mathematician to research and share out.  Once they have done this for a couple weeks, then my plan is to give each group four mathematicians (one per person).  They will research for 2 minutes and then share out with their group.  My current plan is for students to find out where their mathematician is from, their birthdate, what they're known for, and an interesting fact/something unique.      

**Side note: I'm currently doing Mensa Mondays because we haven't gotten into Desmos enough yet.  I want students to be excited about mathematicians, and not view it as "research".  Once they start to see the mathematician names more regularly, I'm hoping to start then.

STAND & TALK TUESDAY:  This is going to vary from week to week.  I am a huge fan of "debate math" and plan on incorporating that.  Currently, I've been showing pictures/images and having students stand and talk with a partner about what they notice and wonder.  I have a folder that I can add pictures to as I see things in real life, on the internet, etc.  I love that it's open-ended in terms of what they will stand and talk about!

WHICH ONE DOESN'T BELONG (WODB) WEDNESDAY:  I wanted to do this more last year, so I am purposely making the effort this year.  There is an entire website to "Which One Doesn't Belong" and I plan to use that often.  But I can also make my own, so that's super sweet.

THANKFUL THURSDAY:  This is non-math related.  I did "Two Minutes of Gratitude" every day for a month with my students last year, inspired by this GMA segment.  The goal is that students reflect on the good in their life, from family and friends to donuts and video games.  According to the video, "Gratitude at any age can reduce stress and depression".  I created a spreadsheet that I shared in classroom and students just add to that every Thursday.  Students have taken this very seriously and are eager to share what they are thankful for. (see picture below)

FIX-IT FRIDAY:  Using common mistakes from class or actual student work, I show a completed math problem and have students describe how to fix-it or what the mistake was and then complete the problem correctly.  I find this to be a safe way to address student misconceptions and students tend to be the harshest critics!

Interested in incorporating daily routines in your classroom?  Try it out!  It's never too late in the year!  And let me know what you decide to do each day!

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