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One of the most memorable parts of TMC18 was listening to everyone's "My Favorite".  If you haven't gone to a TMC (Twitter Math Camp) before, there is time carved out each day for teachers to share their favorite thing they do in their class.  Typically they spend less than 10 minutes sharing this aloud to the entire group of 200 teachers.  It's amazing and so inspiring!

When I was driving home from Cleveland, I was thinking about what I would share if I were to present a "My Favorite" at TMC19.  However, then I thought, "what would my students say is their favorite?"  Let's be honest: it's not about what is my favorite, but rather what my students say is their favorite thing from class.

Enter "Their Favorites".  I created a Google Form and sent it out to my former students. Below are their responses. I love the variety and explanations! I plan on adding to this throughout the school year, too :)  Enjoy!
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"My favorite thing about math class is that it is the only class that we get to collaborate to solve complex and challenging problems with our peers. This type of learning is so much more fun and engaging than any other as it is up to us to find an answer, and often requires teamwork and patience."  -Ryder

"My favorite thing was the game SET because it always got super competitive and it was fun after completing a test." -Finley

"My favorite thing about 7th grade math was that class was fun. I have had a few boring math classes, and the fun atmosphere of that class was what made it fun and enjoyable. In boring classes, it is hard to pay attention and learn, so a fun math class had a big impact on me. On top of that, I also loved being constantly challenged throughout the year. As someone who heavily appreciates and studies within the subject of math, this made class have more of an impact on my math ability." -Andrew

"My favorite thing about math class was the Desmos quadratic equation project because we got to choose a design we wanted to create ourselves. It made math more interactive, fun, and personal!" -Erin

"My favorite activity that we did in Algebra was definitely speed dating! It was a really good experience to be able to work with other people that weren’t at my table. It made me more comfortable with sharing out answers as well."  -Emily

"Desmos marbleslides. Desmos marbleslides are fun, interactive puzzles that are solved by graphing equations. This was a cool way to learn and experiment with mathematical functions and to begin to get creative on Desmos."  -Jackson (he also made the coolest iPhone graph on Desmos in 7th grade!)

"My favorite thing about math class was the calendar challenge that we did in April and May. It was my favorite because it was a fun competition where you had to use a certain set of numbers to get the numbers 1-100 and my friends and I competed in it daily and finished it in just over a week." -Luke

"I cant choose between the around the room math activities (the ones where you solve a math problem and you had to go find that answer on another card) and the final Desmos math project. The around the room one was fun because it was fun to find the answer in the room and when we found it, we felt accomplished at something. The Desmos activity was fun because we were given freedom and allowed to have creativity in our math project ;)"  -Emily

"Desmos was probably my favorite activity we did in math class. Not only is it a great hands on learning experience, but it’s also a blast!"  -Josh

"Buzz because it gives a nice warm up for your brain in a challenging game and you really have to know your divisible numbers and how many were going by (like 3's). And it's a class hit."  -Caleb

"My favorite thing was playing Quizlet Live to review for class. When we were preparing we would play Quizlet Live and it would just be super fun and always made the review more enjoyable."  -Kevin

"The carnival I thought it was a great end to the year, and it was really fun to design everything and see everybody's projects and there more creative sides." -Coral

'My favorite part was warm ups because it helped us to review some topics that we may have forgotten about. 😊" -Anni

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