Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My Goal for the 18-19 School Year

Last year, I took on way too much.  I will admit that.  Two new curriculums, meetings during almost every free period, 3-week mini-courses I had to create and plan for... It was a lot.  I was also the student council advisor (which I LOVE), coached math team, was the math department chair for my building... oh, and was finishing up my second masters.  I constantly felt overwhelmed, overworked, my to-do list was always growing, my weekends were eaten up by school work, and I stayed at school until 6 or 7pm every single night.  I felt guilty when I went to my parents' house or spent time with my friends because I knew I had other things to do.

But things are changing this year.  I am still the StuCo advisor and co-coaching math team.  However, I found out at the end of last school year that I will not be the department chair this year.  After 8 years, I will not have that title anymore.  It was a big pill to swallow, but I'm slowly adjusting.  It's bittersweet: it's something that I have worked hard at for several years, but the time commitment was starting to wear on me.  Oh, and did I mention I'm done with grad school?!?!  That's right, I finished my Masters of Education in Technology Education.

So, my goal for this year: HEALTH.  Here is how I plan to meet my goal:
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I am committing to leaving work "early" once a week.  Our students get out at 3:25pm.  Most teachers are gone by 3:45pm or 4pm and I will never be able to do that (I like having a clear desk and everything ready for the next day).  However, I want to leave by 4:30pm once a week.  I had grad school on Tuesdays last year, so I plan to continue to leave early on Tuesdays.  I also commit to leaving by 6pm every night--no more 7pm (or later) nights!

I also commit to working out more regularly this year.  My favorite workout class is on Tuesdays, and because of grad school, I haven't gone in two years.  I started up again this summer and plan on continuing all school year.  In addition to this workout class, I plan on working out 3x a week.  Leaving earlier will definitely make this easier to stick to!

And lastly, I commit to supporting my students more.  I love watching them play basketball and volleyball.  I love going to baseball games, plays, and other events at the high school and seeing my former students.  I am looking forward to having more time to do this during the school year!

Hoping writing this out will help me to stick to this goal of mine.  I'll be sure to share an update after a couple months :)

What is/are your goal(s) for this school year?  How will you get there?
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  1. You've got this! It sounds like you've thought through a sustainable plan and that's the key. Looking forward to hearing your updates!


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